How Forex Crystal Indicator Works

  • The indicator searches and calculates various features and patterns in price dynamics. Finds overbought and oversold ranges. All calculations are based on the history of price movements over the past year.
  • It analyzes candles determining the possibilities of warring strong – Bulls (buyers) and Bears (sellers). Thus, getting a percentage possibility of overbought or oversold
  • If in the overbought zone the ratio of Bears and Bulls reaches the 2/1 mark (in percentage terms), then the Forex crystal indicator gives a sell signal. And exactly the opposite – If the ratio of Bulls and Bears in the oversold zone reaches 2/1 (in percentage terms), then the indicator gives a buy signal

How often does this indicator give signals?

If you work on the smallest timeframe, and this on M1 means, of course, there will be many more signals than on the M5 timeframe. You can clearly see more about signal purity in the promo video to the indicator.